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E-bikes vs. E-scooters. Which Is Right For You?

Ever wonder if you’re an e-bike kind of person or an e-scooter type? Many people are asking themselves this question, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. What exactly is an e-bike and an e-scooter? Answering that first may give you a better clue as to which best suits you as a transport companion.

E-bikes and e-scooters are becoming a global trend. In fact, we’re seeing many more on the roads in North America over the last few years. E-bikes look like real bikes to the point that if you’re not closely paying attention, you might think you’re seeing a regular bike, when in fact, it’s an electric one. The e-bike has a throttle control to offer if you want to just kick back and ride, and it also offers pedal assist, if you’re feeling like working or stretching those legs a bit. Another nice feature to these bikes is that if the battery runs out for some reason, you just ride it like a normal, old-fashioned bike. These options really do make the e-bike pretty simple to ride and appropriate for many ages and stages of life.

Incentives for switching to electric bikes and scooters are popping up around the world. Knowing what incentives are already out there is a great tool in helping you get an idea of what bills are pending that would support more e-bike and e-scooter usage in your area. Right now California has kicked it up a notch, offering rebates on e-bikes ranging from $150-700, depending on the county. California is also offering a number of vouchers and perks for certain e-bike trials. Austin, Texas, as another example, is giving up to a $300 rebate for individuals and a $400 rebate for purchases of 5-25 e-bikes, scooters, and other assorted electric transport. The list goes on and on with so many possibilities out there in various states and counties. ClimateAction Center provides a comprehensive list of what’s currently on the table for grants, rebates and all types of other incentives. Check them out. https://www.climateaction.center/e-bike-programs

E-scooters resemble mopeds a bit, though they’re silent and produce no fumes, which is something this planet and its people could use more of. The electric scooter is throttle controlled only, so you hop on, take off, and ride. There is certainly a free spirit, kid thrill when riding a scooter, though they don’t go super fast, making balancing simpler, and not a “balancing act.” Though you cannot easily ride a scooter if the battery dies, battery technology has come a very long way, producing more reliable and longer lasting battery power.

Next, let’s list off the perks to each of these modes of transportation. Who knows? You might be up to try the “electric life” afterwards. 

  • Both of these electric beauties make for less carbon footprint. Period. And that’s a good thing.
  • Both e-bikes and e-scooters are reliable and fun ways to beat the ever-growing trend of traffic.
  • The savings on gas for both e-bikes and e-scooters speak for themselves. After your initial purchase, the budget for fuel is not a tough habit to break.
  • The e-scooter and e-bike require minimal maintenance, also saving in repair and upkeep costs over time.

Electric Bike: 

  • This transport does cost a bit more upfront, though the savings over time are a huge benefit.
  • E-bikes are a great mode of exercise for physical and mental health, should you choose to utilize that option on the bike.
  • They can average 20 mph, making them a faster option for commuting if this is appealing or necessary.
  • E-bikes are light and slim, making them ideal for storage in smaller spaces and stair friendly.
  • They don’t require a driver’s license, making them a great alternative to cars.

Picture of SR-5SElectric Scooter: 

  • E-scooters are a pretty affordable option, requiring little money upfront.
  • This means of transport is a healthy way to move and get fresh air.
  • The e-scooter averages 26 mph, though traffic laws will dictate the max these guys should be riding on the roads.
  • E-scooters are extremely portable and compact, allowing them to be used and carried in most settings.
  • They are a safe and easy to handle mode of transport with great visibility with more built-in headlights than other e-vehicles.

Remember, as well, to check your local traffic laws and vehicle classifications. All states have slightly different parameters for the use of e-bikes and e-scooters, but most fall within the normal traffic allowances given to all vehicles and modes of transport. General safety guidelines should be followed with both of these options, so you can relax and get the most of the newfound freedom with the electric life. Check out one of our blogs that deals specifically with electric riding law tips. https://shellride.com/escooter-riding-laws/