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Why Go Electric? The E-Scooter Commuter’s Guide

Lots of folks are talking about electric, whether it’s the newest car, electric motorcycle, e-scooter or bike. Just take a moment and look into the scooter rental industry – batteries are officially where it’s at. You may not subscribe to the whole “ecosmart or green thing,” but still genuinely be asking, “Why should I go electric?” That’s a fair question. While commuting with an e-scooter is not feasible for everyone everyday, and getting rid of your car is an option for even fewer, there may still be a place for this precious electric gem in your life. Let’s see if we can’t break it down into more bite sized pieces and munch on a bit of food for thought. There might be even more benefits than just going green. 

Money, money, money

Money’s got a big mouth, and if it isn’t swallowing you whole, it’s telling you where to put your dough. With the rising cost of fuel that’s affecting personal and public transportation, people like you and me are starting to get tired of shelling out more for the necessity of transport and commuting. E-scooters require minimal upkeep, freeing up money and time to go towards other things. Did I already mention fuel? Cue the current stats. Okay, I’ll say it again: fuel for transportation is one of the bigger expenses we commuters face. Think about what you could possibly do with that extra cash at the end of the month…it’s worth a thought. 

Performance or lack thereof 

I’ll admit that not everyone is into the performance of a vehicle. It really excites some and leaves others about as enthused as they would be receiving the most recent coupon book in the mail. What I love about electric scooters is they do actually handle and perform comfortably, giving freedom to our traffic-ridden bodies. Yet, e-scooters are quite fast these days, averaging 12-25 mph. There are plenty of days where a 12-25 mph average would zoom past the best of backed up traffic lines. 

On the flip side, for those of us that don’t like the speed, weight, and responsibility that comes with driving a car everyday, the e-scooter takes so much of the pressure and fear off drivers concerned with the road and potential accidents each day. That’s a whole different kind of freedom we all could use more of. With a slower speed option, and the simplicity of parts and their handling, the e-scooter is there to ease your mind.


Evidence has shown, for some decades now, that there’s a great need to reduce the human race’s carbon footprint. Today transport accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s energy use and one-fifth of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. But how do scooters actually help with this? Simply taking the e-scooter instead of walking or biking or skateboarding might not actually help, but in more urban and carbon heavy areas where people rely on cars, buses, and metros, e-scooters DO help in the greening of the area. Replacing fuel powered means of transport is an imperative part we can do in reducing carbon footprints. 


Convenience is an overused western world term that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. At the end of the day, each one of us chooses what conveniences we can and cannot live without. Replacing your car with an e-scooter might not be the most practical or convenient scenario, but maybe replacing some of your comings and goings, be they social or business related, is a step in the right direction towards convenience and freedom. The day they make an “actual” hoverboard or hover scooter will be a good one, but until then, the magic that happens when you can fold your transportation up, take it up the stairs, on the elevator, or simply leave it up against a tree somewhere is never getting old. 

As a kid, do you remember that feeling of getting to the grocery store or your best friend’s house or even to the local park down the road? You pedal, ride, glide, feel the wind in your hair and your face…you may even relax a bit on that pilgrimage. Upon arrival to your destination, you hop off, take your helmet off, feeling a sense of freedom and accomplishment as you scurry on to your childish endeavors. This is what I’m talking about when you really want to get down to what convenience in riding an e-scooter feels like.