Quick Start Assembly Guide

Make sure to read the detailed instruction before assembly.

Download Assembly Guide

Image of a wrench

Set Up

  1. Unfold the SR-5S.
  2. Connect the black power cable in the handlebar to the cable connector in the steering post (Image A).
  3. Attach the handle bar to the steering post with the four screws provided in the box (Image B). Use the wrench included to tighten the screws securely without over-tightening which could result in stripping the heads of the screws.
  4. Plug in the AC adapter into the SR-5S and then into the wall outlet until the green light displays on the AC adapter which means the SR-5S is fully charged.

Please read your Safety Instructions Before Riding

Make sure to read the detailed safety instruction in your supplied SR-5S User Manual before riding.

Download Owners Manual (English)

Image of a lock

Lift & Lock The Steering Column

With one foot on the scooter deck, raise and push the handlebars forward until the folding mechanism clicks into place. Secure it by turning the locking ring until the marking is pointing towards the locked symbol.

When You Are Finished Riding

Unlock the locking ring and place one foot on the scooter deck. Gently push the handlebars away from your body with one hand and pull the locking mechanism up to release the steering column into the folded position.

sr-5s electric scooter dash view

Image of power button

Display Functions

1. Press power button once briefly to turn on e-scooter.
2. Press power button once briefly during operation to switch the lights on or off
3. Press power button twice briefly during operation to switch between the speed modes:
• 9.5 mph – (default mode)
• 12.5 mph – the (S) symbol lights up green
• 15.5 mph – the (S) symbol lights up red
4. Press button three times briefly during operation to switch the cruise control mode on or off.
5. Hold button for about 3 seconds continuously to turn off

The 5 bars show the current charge level of the battery: If only the left bar of the display lights up, the e-scooter must be switched off and charged immediately.

Icon of a Helmet

Before Riding Your SR-5S

1. Allow the battery to charge fully before using the e-scooter for the first time.
2. Check your e-scooter before every ride (see user manual section on “storage, maintenance and cleaning”).
3. Wear comfortable clothing and suitable sturdy shoes while riding.
4. Before riding the e-scooter for the first time, make sure you have plenty of space and ensure that there are no obstacles in the way.
5. Wear a safety helmet for your own safety.

Image of person riding scooter

Riding The SR-5S

1. Turn on the e-scooter and the lights (see the user manual section on “Display functions”).
2. Hold the handlebars firmly by both handles, and place one foot on the scooter deck.
3. Push off with the other foot to accelerate.
• For safety reasons, the motor support is only active from 1.8 mph and above.
4. Use the thumb throttle to accelerate.
5. To apply the brake, use:
• The rear disc brake (brake lever)
• The electric front brake (thumb brake)

Additional Notes On Safety

1. Make sure you are familiar with the throttle and 2 types of brakes before riding.
2. Look over both your shoulders before every ride.
3. Do not operate the scooter while impaired by the consumption of alcohol or other drugs, including prescription medications.
4. Mobile phones should not be used while riding.
5. Ensure you have enough battery charge for your planned trip.
6. Check your tires and wheels frequently for uneven tire wear and/or loose road debris.
7. Do not hang shopping bags or any other objects from the handlebars. Use the hook provided on the steering column.
8. Carry a bike lock to safely secure the scooter while parked.
9. Do not ride the scooter while carrying large or sharp objects.
10. Make sure to follow local and national regulations on the riding of e-scooters on highways, cycle paths, sidewalks and in public places.

Image of Shell Ride App Icon

Connecting to the Shell RIDE App

You can find the APP for the e-scooter in the Google Playstore for Android, and in the Apple Appstore for IOS. The app name is “Shell RIDE”:

1. Download the APP on your mobile device.
2. Activate the Bluetooth ® function on your mobile device.
3. Switch on the e-scooter.
4. Load the APP.
5. Select your e-scooter in the app. The app offers the following functions, among others:
• Selecting the speed modes
• Switching the lights on/off
• Information about distances traveled
• Firmware updates

Shell Ride App on Phone Screen